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The definition includes anyone who receives probation before judgment (PBJ), anyone who pleads Nolo Contendere, or someone who is found not criminally responsible for his or her actions.Tier I: This tier is the least restrictive of the three., sex offenders must notify each law enforcement agency in the area in which they live as well as the Maryland State Sex Offender Registry of changes in their internet status within three days.Such changes include: involves installing software on the sex offender’s computer allowing the law enforcement agents to not only track all activity, but alerting the agents to any items pre-programmed into the monitoring software for the individual offender.In 2010, after beating a parking ticket, Packingham posted on Facebook of his victory under an assumed name. The officer found six other sex offenders with Facebook accounts.wrote, “This case is one of the first this court has taken to address the relationship between the First Amendment and the modern Internet.People required to register under tier I must stay on the list for 15 years.

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The defendant, Lester Packingham Jr., received a suspended sentence at the age of 21 after pleading guilty to sex with a 13-year- old. police officer perusing Facebook for offenders who should not have been on social media saw Packingham’s posting.He or she must also register three days prior to moving from the state of Maryland.The law requires that registrants report at various intervals during their tenure on the sex offense list.People who are convicted of a sex offense are required by law to register on the sex offense list. The tier level denotes the length of time each type of offender must remain on the list.The law is specific; therefore, it is important to understand each aspect.

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