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216#stream If you ever have trouble playing media at a site that is reported to work in Firefox when using this method, try clearing all cookies set by that site, then re-trying.In addition, make syre that cookies for the site in question are not blocked (the Adblocker extension could also do this).-------------------------------------------------------------keywords: Active X Active-X plugin Windows Media Player Mediaplayer WMP 6.4 7 9 10 stream streaming embed embedded embedding video mp3 wmv wma asf asx Thanks to Anon Emoose for letting me cannibalise his guide, Adam Lock for his Active X plugins, Chris Pederick for his User Agent Switcher Extension, _Jim_ for his Active X test page, and rtmjr50 for his input and help.However, this does not guarantee that this will allow Firefox to view all embedded/streaming video - for example, some also use IE-only javascript in the embedded players.For some reason, the OBJ-TABS setting in the Adblock Extension interferes with the Active X plugin.Use the button in your toolbar to display your saved sites, click the one you want, and you are on your way.You can use and assign hotkeys, show the launcher as the home page when you start your browser, and customize the fonts, sizing, and colors.

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Plus, you need to be able to access it just as quickly. That’s the idea behind Pearl Trees, which lets you share the best of the web with your own visual library.

Where plugins are essentially sub-programs run within the browser (and so subject to whatever limitations the browser imposes on it), Active X controls are Windows programs, and so do not have limits imposed on them and what they are allowed to do.

This gives them a lot of poential power over your system, especially coupled with the fact that IE can download and install them automatically and silently for you.

Most of the Active X plugin information in this guide has now been mirrored in the Knowledge Base: For other embedded/streaming media guides and information, visit the It is common to find websites that use Windows Media Player to embed audio and video into a web page.

The Windows Media Player plugin, while not included with Windows Media Player, should be included with Windows itself - however this is not always the case.

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