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As far as we know, the entire set has never been presented online.We debated posting them all at once, but thought it would be more fun to dole them out 5 at a time, as if you the reader were collecting them yourself.I am pleased to announce that as of last Christmas (thanks to a special relative who answered the call — you know who you are!), the Parkeology collection of the 50 Greatest Park Characters is finally complete.But you also get a few that have been lost to the vestiges of time.Kitchen Kabaret was relatively new at the time the card was released. Pop culture’s most iconic characters debuted in that decade. Around the time of my sophomore year, I got rid of the duplicates, wrapped the remaining 18 unique cards in a rubber band and shoved them into my desk drawer, where I promptly forgot about them for the next ten years. I’ve become pretty good friends with a guy from Chicago named Ted. I had the worst possible luck when it came to this set.

You get the obvious ones, as well as the ones that are kind of familiar.

He had 20 unique cards, stored away in clear plastic binder sheets.

We compared and found that between us, we had 30 of the possible 50 cards.

So expect a few more weeks before you see them all. This thing is 30 years old and has been tucked away in a drawer.

Here, without further ado, is the first card I ever got. The other nifty thing about this set is that each card came with its own trivia section on the back, like baseball card stats.

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