Validating data in excel

Handling Validation for Proper Latitude When setting up Excel for data entry, you often have to be concerned with what values are acceptable.

For example, if users need to enter degrees and minutes for latitudes, then you need to be concerned with how to specify what the acceptable boundaries are for entries.

Departments[Name] Now we need to go back and setup our Data Validation using the table reference.

Microsoft doesn't allow direct reference to a table and its columns from the Data Validation.

This tip shows how you can use data validation to specify the proper values for acceptable entries.

Limiting Entries to Numeric Values When creating a worksheet, you may need to limit what can be entered into a particular cell.

This can be done by using data validation, as described in this tip.Fortunately, Excel provides a feature for this known as data validation.Learn how to use this tool to control the accuracy of the values entered into your worksheets with the following articles.Now that this is setup, you can add new rows to the Departments table, and they will automatically show up in the Data Validation dropdown list.Depending on the purpose of a particular worksheet, you may want to limit the parameters for data that users can enter.

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