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It was during this expedition that Champlain discovered the lake which still bears his name.

On his visit to France in 1610 he married Hélène Boullé, then a girl only twelve years of age.

Madame Champlain was beloved in New France and after her husband's death she founded the Ursuline Convent at Meaux.

In the year 1611 Champlain continued his exploration of the St. Within a short distance of Mount Royal, discovered by Jacques Cartier seventy-five years before, he found a place suitable for a future settlement, and ordered the ground to be cleared and prepared for building.

Following the River Trent they reached the Bay of Quinté, where, says Champlain, "is the entrance to the grand river St.

While still a youth Champlain accompanied his father on several voyages, and thus became familiar with the life of a mariner.

When about twenty years of age he tendered his services to the Ambrose Maréchal d'Aumont, one of the chief commanders of the Catholic army in the expeditions against the Huguenots.

It was during his cruise in the Saint Julien that Champlain first suggested the possibility of uniting the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans by cutting through the Isthmus of Panama.

Champlain kept a journal of his explorations in the Gulf of Mexico, and after his return to France, in 1601 or 1602, he received a pension and the appointment of geographer to the king.

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