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00000030 08F5 08F5 08F5 0C59 0C59 0C59 0500 FFFF ....... 00000060 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ I'm working on a similar project too (Actually, i purchased a used KOMBI and want to install into onto my 320i...). I've found a software that is compatible with this programmer here. I have managed to use a hex editor to view the stock and modified files and the VIN is correct.

Q 00000020 05F6 8800 BE88 00F7 8800 F888 00F4 8800 ................ 00000050 0101 C6EA 08E3 1004 02FF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ The bundled software is OK for mileage correction but not for modifying or rewritting an eeprom dump. I purchased a good working used cluster from a 2002 BMW E46 325ci and once i connected to test it got the tamper dot but the gauges and all work fine.

00000040 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ However, the bad news was that it was a m35080v6 eeprom and my programmer couldn't erase mileage protected data. U 00000010 2155 2155 2155 2155 2155 2154 2154 2154 ! The cluster reads "Cod E" in the lower LED panel My car is a 2000 E46 328ci with just over 64k miles.

It's to reprogram a used KOMBI I purchased from Ebay. And then remove cluster background and eeprom will appear! 00000070 20EF 0203 0284 8649 1900 504E 6054 2009 ...... i thought the vehicle would do the rest once connected to car and it did not.

00000030 08F5 08F5 08F5 0C59 0C59 0C59 0500 FFFF ....... 00000060 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................ VIN is stored in 5 bytes starting at 0x7A In the example above, what you have there is: 50 4E 60 54 20 The VIN of the car in this case is PN60542.

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00000030 08FB 08FB 08FB 0C5F 0C5F 0C5F 0500 FFFF ......._._._.... I think that I will have to reset also the FA from new cluster since my car is ZCS encoded (12/2000) and the new cluster is FA based. I recoded my VIN with no issue with NCS (FGNR_SCHREIBEN). For a mileage of 357182km, (according to Tachosoft) the first 2 lines of hex representing this mileage would be displayed on Terra's cluster as follows:- 0000: 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 0010: 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 2B 99 Comparison of these values with the file you have read, shows these to be clearly different from the stored values. Mileage is a different matter for E46's with the M35080 chip, Tachosoft confirms that it should be stored in offset lines 00 as per Terra Phantom's post but as you can see from his hex dumps, his car obviously does not store the VIN at the same address as the cluster you have purchased. Most likely that the KOMBI only store last 7 digits of the car but not the full VIN... Then go to m35080prog_v3 directory and with 7zip extract m35080. I copied to and I edited to reset mileage to to zero (32 first bytes in dump file) and I set my VIN to be sure (start at adresses 0x7A, 5 bytes). Do i need to add the VIN or do i fill up the area where the VIN goes with FF FF FF so that in the coding process the VIN will be registered to the cluster? I ran a scan with pa soft and got the ZCS data and made sure it was correctly presented by DIS in the coding process. 00000070 20EF 0203 0204 D449 1900 504E 6054 2009 ...... The challenge here is that I cannot change the VIN of the KOMBI. However, it appears to be difficult to figure out which part of the code are standing for VIN. Just open this exe with 7zip and extract its content. With this software I was able to save m35080v6 eeprom content to a dump file (backup.bin). Now, did i make a mistake by changing mileage to 10 and not 0 miles?

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