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In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", Rigby quits The Park and moves in with Eileen.They eventually get married and start a family, but it's unknown if Rigby is working or not as he is seen teaching his children how to play video games.However, he is usually quick to apologize to others if he has hurt them and occasionally takes the lead in fixing a situation.He had a crush on Margaret Smith, a red robin who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop.He opens a successful exhibition and meets a bat woman named Stef whom he marries and starts a family.Rigby (voiced by William Salyers) is a short, anthropomorphic brown raccoon who works as a groundskeeper at The Park.

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The two finally begin to date in the fourth season until Margaret decides to leave for college, thus ending their relationship.He decides to take a break from dating in "Dumped at the Altar", after his relationship with CJ didn't work out.In the episode "Camping Can Be Cool", it is revealed that he attended art school before being employed at The Park; however, he never finished the course due to his bad portrait skills, which were revealed in the episode "Bad Portrait".Mordecai loves to play video games and is a better player than Rigby.He can sometimes become caught up in his emotions, often letting them get the better of him.

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