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" She said she would try my fantasy as long as I was really ok with it and assured her nothing would change between us, even if it went horribly wrong.I felt my heart pounding when she said that and told her we would be very careful if that's what she really wanted.We started watching porn together as most couples do now.We liked to watch intense porn, mostly stuff we wouldn't actually do.

Sarah and I have always experimented well with our sex lives.

We had even done lots of anal, toy play, and choking by this point. She nervously chuckled, and asked me if I was serious.

I said I was, that it would be so taboo and dirty that the thought was just a complete turn on. All questions that lead me to believe she had actually run the possibility through her head already.

I said i knew that stuff is mostly for porn, but in reality I had thought about her sleeping with another man in front of me. I assured her that this would not be a spur of the moment thing and that I would not get jealous because with communication and careful planning, we could all enjoy it and we could have breakfast the next morning like nothing happened.

This had actually been a secret of mine since we were dating. The conversation basically ended there for the night, with no real discussion beyond it being a fantasy.

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