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There are many other issues illustrated by this case, all of which merit further discussion, and some of which I’ll address again next week before moving on to a new subjectf.But one thing I simply must point out is the axiom I’ve mentioned time and time again about encounters with character-impaired people whether or not those encounters occur within a formal therapeutic context: change, if it is to ever actually take place, ALWAYS occurs in the here-and-now.He also didn’t see a problem with his “me first and everybody else should be able to fend themselves” attitude, either.But Tom always liked to think of himself as a person in total control (despite ample evidence in his history to the contrary).

Although I didn’t give him a name in the book, for the sake of discussion, we’ll call the person in the following vignette “Tom.” He was referred to me by another therapist for evaluation and recommendations about a treatment plan. THERAPIST: As we talked about the first time, I’m a psychologist. CLIENT: And you can tell all this after just a couple of visits? And there’s something else really interesting: he didn’t get upset and pretty much let it slide completely by when I said I thought he thought too much of himself and didn’t think enough about others.Rather, a focus on the core “dynamics” of the dysfunctional “style”.It’s the person’s interaction “style” itself that is the the problem, so that’s where the attention should be.I’m really anxious to see the discussion on this one.There is no crime in getting useful tips and other types of assistance when playing computer games even if some players look down on it.

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