Green light card dating

She will likelywhip out her i Phone and fiddle on a worthless APP ortalk to a friend on an urgent call instead of talking toyou on an individual basis.

She may give you that one chance on a first coincidentalincident to be alone with her.

Though I trust my gf,she no dey cheat on me though her boss in office always take her out at night and even sleep in d boss house to finish remaining office workalberto2k: Sammie all that u listed are yellow light...

The main greenlight is when she shows up in her Indies, sits on your lap and bites her lips..u know how it all ends Now that's a confam ggrinlight Samflex, it does seems you have Both Masters Degree and Mistress Degree as well- i Salute Op, school me More cos I am still a Student of "ROMANUS school" Personally, i Believe strongly that every ladies have different Green Light- Ladies would wanna agree with my school of thoughtuhmmmm... 138Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

Sometimes someone in the group will ask her if sheunderstood your joke… Just be careful not to be a weirdo who doesnot know when to back off.

She is thinking about you and wants you to know that…even if it means that you only sees her text message ormissed call later in the morning when you wake up.

Although the origin of the game is unknown, Red Light, Green Light has been played for generations. ” The children walk forward until the caller turns and says “Red Light! If one or more children keep moving and are caught by the caller, they are out.

Women are masters at avoiding awkward one-on-onesituations with men they don’t like.

They would rathertake a long walk down the street on a hot day than tospend 15 minutes alone with a disgusting guy she hasno sexual interest in on a bus.

Mostwould rather go without a meal than to have any bodycontact at all with a man she has no interest in.

However, when women are interested in a man, anyamount of body contact is NOT ENOUGH no matterwhat a piece of junk he is.

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