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Each transaction isn’t instant so it be cancelled if it was funded by a bank account, not a debit card.

For transactions with strangers, the business version is cheap (1.9% per transaction), more secure, and anonymous: Something called a “cashtag” enables a user to have a custom name with the dollar sign in front. Fees: Free for non-business transactions, 1.9% per transaction to receive money for goods from strangers.

If you’re the one spotting someone cash, you’ll just have to badger them later for payback—that is, if you remember.

According to a (conveniently self-promotional) study published by Pay Pal, these “forgotten” debts between friends create awkwardness and strain relationships.

Many people don’t regularly carry cash around anymore, and when it comes to paying your buddies back, this has become a problem.

Your friend Steve who just covered your dinner bill does not take credit cards.

The app has a few security issues as well in its interface: It doesn’t automatically log you out, so if your phone doesn’t have a passcode (or an easily guessable one), someone who came into possession of your phone could transfer funds. It’s an incredibly frictionless user experience that has catapulted up to .4 billion in payments in 2014.

Most people also don’t have two-factor authentication on their Facebook accounts. Think about how often friends leave joke statuses on each other’s Facebooks when the person is accidentally still logged in. Fees: Free clear Xchange How to use it: If you’re a member of a participating bank (Bank of America, Capital One, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Chase, or First Bank), you can use your bank’s app, mobile site, or the clear Xchange website to send funds to people in the clear Xchange network using email or a mobile phone number.

Fees: 2.9% fee to fund money via a debit card; free to fund with a bank account. Payments in Facebook Messenger How it use it: You send a message to someone on Facebook and hit the dollar sign, input value and your debit card info.

What it’s good for: Paying Facebook friends and family you trust.

Fortunately, a slew of apps and payment services have been created as solutions.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear which service works best for life’s many varying situations, and what the safety concerns are when using them. Pay Pal How to use it: Use your Pay Pal account to send and receive money using the app or website. What it’s good for: Pay Pal has been the standard in anonymous Internet payments for years.

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