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She doesn’t think of herself as part of a political voting block or as part of a separate parallel society within a society. There used to be a time when women would police each other and demand high levels of behavior from their sisters because if one of them acted out, it reflected poorly on the rest of the fairer sex and the reciprocal gentlemanly behavior would stop. How a woman could go on as long as she did milking pathetic beta’s and civic nationalist mulattos for as long as she did without an outcry from the “trad” girl section of the Alt-Right raises questions in my mind about how trad these chicks really were.

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Today I was going to write about Syria and Putin – how the Russkies have basically mopped up ISIS.It stands for “that ho over there” and basically is the Current Year’s version of “skank” or “non-ladylike woman”.The latest “scandal” over Lauren is pretty funny if you can take a step back and just enjoy the bants, the drama and the full destructive power of the Stormer NEET army unleashed.I hope to see the Alt-Right ladies step up and help improve the behavior of wayward members of their flock going forward, just like we men already do amongst ourselves.That way, we can avoid bringing the all-powerful online troll army into this next time, and everyone will be able to breathe a little easier for it.

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