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If the adults need to do some construction or work in there, do it at home.

Otherwise they will just be getting in the way of the Quartermaster. I prefer setting up two campfires; one for adults and one for Scouts. If you are in a Campsite with only one fire ring the Scouts are in close and adults sit together way in the back. During Sunday morning reflection time no adults speak unless, or until the SPL directs including the Scoutmaster.

We’re mindful tech– taking on a notion that technology should have boundaries in our lives the same way people do.

Take the time to remember what it feels like to be who you really are and allow yourself to experience the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the crackling sound of wood burning in a campfire without distraction. Nestled in the Sierra Nevadas Yellow Pine forest, accommodations include a unique stay in a shared canvas tipi village, fresh daily meals, beer wine, snacks, camper field guide kit, shower and bathroom facilities, slow-life camp vibes and all analog programming. Feel free to hang back at camp and enjoy one of many tech-free activities we offer like our lawn and board games, a postcard station, an art and listening room, DIY aromatherapy, a book from the little library or even take a dip in the pool. There is a shuttle transfer available from Reno-Tahoe Limousine for an additional or limited parking passes for .

Unless there’s an emergency adult leaders stay out of patrol camping areas. (This almost never happens.) The main exception to this would be a sick Scout who really does need some adult assistance. Quickly and efficiently establish the adult area at any camp AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Set up the adult chairs and adult cooking area and TELL any new leaders where they may put their tents.

I will often send a Patrol Leader or the Senior Patrol Leader over there but we adults generally stay away. This is best handled by the Senior Patrol Leader but that may not always work for various reasons.

Explore new ideas, make new friends and discover new abilities. Get away from it all for one weekend in nature and surround yourself with people who still value human connection.

Troop 100 attended Camp Easton on the east shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene during record setting heat.

Mark's UMC12 - NO MEETINF MOTHER'S DAY17-19 Duffey Farm Watersport Weekend Campout26 - NO MEETING HOLIDAY JUNE 2019 2 - Troop meeting Class B9 - Troop meeting Class B instructions for SC13 - Choptank District Roundtable / OA at St.

Join a remarkable group of speakers, instructors, musicians and attendees for an analog experience at the gate of the Sierra Nevadas.

Mark's 13 - No meeting Mother's Day18 - 20 Duffey Farm Watersport Weekend 27 - NO MEETING / Memorial Day Weekend JUNE 2018 3 - Troop meeting 10 - Troop meeting / instructions for SC14 - FLAG DAY ALL MEMBERS CLASS A17 - Pool Party / Turn in any last minute SC paperwork23 - Travel to Whitewater camp24 - 30 Summer Camp at Goose Pond Scout Reservation near Stranton, PA.

JULY 2018 20-22 - Campout to go over leadership, advancements, approve calendar, Board of Reviews AUGUST 2018 5 - Court of Honor10 - 12 - August Campout19 - Troop meeting, bring a friend that might like to join.

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